This video is an open invitation by Amir Shpilman to singers, choirs and conductors to participate in CIRCLES!

For further details on how to invite us or participate in the project, please send an email to:


If you would like to experiment with sound and movement as a first preparation for participating in CIRCLES, print out our sound and movement amplifier and build a funnel out of it (Attention: Please cut out the circle).

Then download the sound-light app on your mobile phone.

If you now insert the mobile phone into the funnel with the speakers facing upwards, you can produce the sounds and colours of the app through the circle.

Think up your own little movement choreography and perhaps find a few fellow participants* with whom you can perform the sound and movement exercise together in the CIRCLE. On the one hand you can experience the Doppler effect and on the other hand you can already make your first experiences in passing on sound, movement and colours as preparation for the participation in CIRCLES. Have fun with it 🙂