CIRCLES. Audio-Visual Performances.

At its core, every city is an invisible network of relationships between the people who live in it – a web of transactions, conversations, encounters, and clashes. In a haunting live symphony, CIRCLES brings together choirs and individual singers from all parts of Stuttgart in a multidimensional production: an audiovisual ritual of musical-choreography, visual art and live video projection from a bird’s eye view, composed to create a chaotic-eruptive and colourful artistic expression of human relationships and celebrate their complexity. CIRCLES is a large-scale composition of voice, movement, and colour, illuminating the power of collective intelligence.

Live world premiere on October 3, 2021, at 19:00 Stuttgart
Admission free
Registration required:
By email with an indication of the desired event
(19:00, 20:00, & 21:00) and your contact details
(phone number) ↳
The current Corona regulations apply.

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