CIRCLES online plattform

Starting in June 2021, members of different choirs will be able to connect online and get acquainted via the CIRCLES online platform which will prepare them for their outdoor performance on October, 3.2021!

The platform includes interactive individual and group exercises and instructions for self-study and physical practice of the composition already from home.

The exercises will come in the forms of playful challenges for the participants to overcome together with their colleagues and includes all three elements of the work; voice, movement, and color. From beginners to advanced, the performance level of participants will improve as they progress through the challenges which step by step gets harder and more complex. 

The friendly interface will invite users of the platform to try, test, and create new compositions together with their colleagues based on the CIRCLES system that uses artistic processes to train individuals in collective work.

Sub-groups of participants would be able to produce videos of their creations using basic technology found in any smartphone or computers, post them on the platform, and comment on other’s videos. The platform will help participants inspire each other and build a vibrant community of all CIRCLES performers. 

The platform allows singers from around the world to join our performance community, share their ideas, and take part in the project.

To Join the platform email to: